How can a soundtrack, a piece of music be transducted by the moving body in order to reveal who makes one? Movement appears as an experience of the sensible rather than a language. It does not belong to the body but goes through it. Sound, light, touch, converts itself into movement.
I used to hate my feet since I was a kid and then I had this modern Cunningham based dance teacher in my 4th grade of high school that deeply hated me for some reason I still don’t understand... but what I do remember is that only once she gave me a compliment; she liked my wide spread feet, perhaps because she had the same kind of monstrous toes..
About the Bach music, I can’t remember what it exactly was, but what I remember its difficult music to dance on.. especially in the beginning since it’s very complex and i had the (natural) tendency to follow every melody, ripple or change in the music.. I had a problem following one instrument, because i wanted to embody the music as one unity/on piece what made super unclear for myself and the spectator. I think this music was not so much about what i was doing but defining how i did it. showing the elements of change en varieties of repetition. using the arm was perfect in that sense.. like the music very defined, articulate en expressive.. both sensual, sensitive and strong.
I realized that listening to the music made me feel restless.. I can’t listen to it anymore without connecting certain movements, qualities and sensations to it. On certain music pieces the movement came by itself, natural, (ongedwongen) and very spontaneous.. with others not and I had to really work for instead of fine-tune, stylize what was naturally there.. or actually every movement quality came out of an improvisation I did myself, so every movement once felt original and honest in the sense of natural before it started to change its shape, and before taking it out off a certain for me logical sense of connection/order. When i was listening with closed eyes I felt more connected to emotion. I could free my focus and move from the space inside; even 'just’ listening could give me such a strong inputs to move that i could not control. I didn’t had many images in my head but I saw colors changing and imagined how my movements changed the atmosphere around me. Sometimes there is no need to know that background/context or where the music came form, sometimes you just feel it deep inside and is feeling more important than knowing. I didn’t know that it was a Chinese music [Butterfly lovers] but i felt it inside. Not from the sounds I remember, but the emotions it awakes...