my human bodies
my body is inside my inside inside my outside without clothes I feel no organs I feel no bones I am flesh no I am flesh I feel but I am not I am here but I am not I feel and we are mykneeyourheadyourarms trying to undress swallowed not digested my body is infinite skin and with no eyes I can see my body the extraction of its sensation it appears and we disappear I escape the inescapable
Imagine you enter in a small room. You are with many other people in that room. It is quite dark, only one spot of blue light. The walls are covered with black curtains.
A dancer is facing one of this curtain, you cannot see her front. She subtly moves her spine. People are standing, looking at her. It is too dark to see all her extremities. While you look at her, you don't pay attention to your position, how your feet are placed, who is next to you.
Then you feel something hit your left calf. You look behind you, nothing. Then the lady in front of you has the same reaction and step forward; a body is coming out, at least part of it. It seems that there are two bodies but the heads and shoulders remain hidden. People are moving, trying not to step on each other.
What if we had many bodies?
What if we try to be someone else's body?
20 minutes