My choreographic practice includes a work with video, performance and archive. Video editing is to me a way to choreograph. Through both video and dance performance, I work on creating what I call ‘disorganized bodies’. Those bodies question the ways culture and politics organize our bodies, which have a direct influence on the images the body projects and on its connotations. They reveal how time and space are part of the construction of our identities. Being an 'identity' is like repeating a performance; each time it is the same whilst being different. I have been researching on the relations between body, power and identity through several projects. How do those three elements feed each other? What is left of them on the moving body as time passes?

Through those disorganized bodies, I am interested in finding where 'power' comes from. Looking at someone's body moving reveal a more general context. I see the body as a filter of experiences rather than a container. I believe that it has no core or essence that would determine its identity. It transforms depending on the contact it has with its environment. It has no inside, no outside. It is a sort of archive: never empty, keeping traces of the past, of a way of life, of a particular context where it interacts with.

I work on movement while I define it as the sensational experience of having, being, or noticing any kind of body, as either performer or spectator. It also allows the dis/embodiment of a specific environment and corporeality.
disorganized bodies