my digital bodies
I can sense them.

They make an absence felt. They bring their own phenomenological experience. They are numbers on one side, qualitative experience on the other. They are not physically there but still they are. They are part of my memory and experience. I can try to control them but they also control me. It makes my body appear and disappear. It makes my body be a 'beyond'... I embody their unfamiliarity. organic digitalization

Je me déshabille. Je me déshabille. Je me déshabille, non je me décompose et tu me déshabilles.Tu ne me vois pas. Tu ne me vois plus.

My digital bodies are borderless. They resist to what my body should/could be. They are here but they are not.
They are haunting an inescapable shadow.
The body as a stage.
The body as a landscape.
The body as a screen.
The body isolated from its spatial context.
The body trying to play with time.
The body catching the light to better dissolve.
The human body as any body.
The body as wandering molecules, wandering pixels.
The interrupted body.
The body as images, digital, virtual, fictional, abstract images.