Au-delà d'une écorce
Beyond a bark
I'm listening to these anonymous organisms. They are well-recognized sounds nevertheless unfamiliar, plenty of hidden motion, of inner changes. The organs are placed outside of myself. I am trying to become familar with them; to adopt them. My skin resonates while listening to them. It impossibly opens itself to them. They can belong to another dimension of myself. A dimension I am the only one to have access to. Then they become corporeal again, differently I suppose. I know they will not be a part of me, they will pass through me and I will keep what I want, what I need. My body is multilayered. It was sensed and is now disembodied. It is always more than it seems.
They look at me from above. They go through their own constructed flesh to see me. At least they look at me, I am not sure they can see me. I wish to touch a field of invisbility that everyone develops, refines, sharpens, loses, detects, tries to understand, feels, avoids. I am only conceived through their eyes, on their skin. I am a ‘curiosité’. They know I am all illusive. I am following what could be. I am escaping what cannot not be. Or can it not?
Video installation
Projection on the floor 7 minutes on loop